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P&S Davis Building Contractors Pty Ltd is a Brisbane based family building company working mainly in the inner city suburbs. If you are looking to build an individual new house or want to renovate an old traditional Queenslander or workers cottage, we work hard to give our clients an unrivaled professional service from initial enquiry, all the way through to handing over a completed project. We strive at all times to be the best residential builders and renovators in our area of operation.

We are particularly passionate about renovating traditional early last century ‘gems’ and giving them a new lease of life. Whether the owners want a renovation in the original style, take a more modern approach, or create a delightful mix of the two, we are happy to work with the owners to achieve their dreams for their ideal home. So call us if you are looking to build an extension, deck or carry out major renovations which can often include raising (lifting), re-stumping and/ or repositioning the property. We can also help with constructing a new ground floor, adding new rooms and the latest thing in kitchens and bathrooms.

Some projects come to us fully designed and approved, ready to quote on. Others come from owners who are just starting out on the building/renovation process and need advice on the best way to proceed. Wherever you are in the process we will give you straightforward, honest advice on your proposals and show you the best path forward to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

We believe that the construction process should be enjoyed by the owners and the builder. Any project can be a bit stressful at times but if both parties are working closely together then it can and should be a successful and satisfying process for both parties. This is why we invest as much time as is necessary in preparing our quotations, working closely with the owners, to ensure that all foreseeable problems, challenges or choices are resolved before contract and that both parties are very clear on the inclusions and exclusions contained in our final quotation, which will be annexed to the contract. This approach minimizes surprises, misunderstandings and above all increased costs and is a major factor in enabling us to achieve successful outcomes for our clients.

Most of our contracts are with friends of previous clients who have been through the whole process with us and have been very happy with the quality of our work and with the way we have worked together. We make every effort to build trust with the owners before contract and then make sure we maintain that trust throughout the whole process.

So if you are planning to build a new home, want to add an extra room or two, or carry out major Queenslander renovations, please call Peter today on (07) 3901 1029 or 0412 296 078 and arrange a complimentary meeting to compare notes and to see if we can help you convert your plans into reality.

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